Journey Church has a strong and vibrant history in the Stateline area.  The church was planted in 1955 as First Church of the Open Bible.   Later it relocated and became Windsor Heights before finally becoming known as Journey Church in 2008.  Through the years the church has had a strong influence for the gospel of Jesus Christ in this area, with people being discipled and equipped for ministry, and numerous ministers being sent out for full-time ministry.

We are part of Open Bible Churches.  Open Bible's roots date back to the Azusa Street Revival of 1906 in Los Angeles.  Pentecostalism spread across America quickly after that famous outpouring of God's Spirit.  In 1935, two revival movements merged to become Open Bible Churches (Bible Standard Conference of Eugene, OR, and Open Bible Evangelistic Association of Des Moines, IA).

Open Bible is an association of autonomous, evangelical, Pentecostal/charismatic churches.  Our purpose statement declares "Open Bible is an international family of Spirit-empowered churches committed to glorifying God and fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by making and releasing disciples, planting churches, and sending missionaries."  A unique Open Bible quality is relationship, as affirmed in our position:  "A balance of affiliation and freedom, providing accountability without undue control."  Churches are locally governed and owned.

Our fellowship of churches now has 2,500 ministers and 1,550 churches in 44 countries.

Want to read uplifiting stories of comfort and hope? Open Bible publishes many amazing articles here at the Open Bible Message.